Chili Grapefruit

Chili Grapefruit


Immerse yourself in the pink-orange, fruity, and spicy syrup that brings Latin-American heat! Crafted with quality grapefruits, red chili peppers, sugar, and natural vinegar for a fruity and fiery masterpiece. And the best part? It's super easy to make!


Ice cubes
Sparkling water
Pinkyrose Chili Grapefruit Syrup
Chili pepper for garnish


STEP 1:  Ice It Up

Fill a tall glass with a generous amount of ice cubes.

STEP 2: Sparkling Base
Fill two tall glasses with a handful of crushed ice and divide the lime juice evenly between them.
STEP 3:  Pinkyrose Magic

Add Pinkyrose syrup to the mix, using 1 part of syrup for every 6 parts of sparkling water.

STEP 4: Stir and Merge

Give the mixture a gentle stir to harmonize the flavors.

STEP 5: Garnish With Sunshine

Complete your masterpiece by garnishing the glass with a Chilli pepper.



Enjoy your Pinkyrose Chili Grapefruit Sparkler.
One can of 500 ml contains 20 serves (25 ml per serve). Mix 1 part Pinkyrose syrup with 6 parts sparkling water for a thirst-quenching and irresistible sparking handmade lemonade! 


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