Dark Caramel Vanilla

Dark Caramel Vanilla


Experience the handmade explosion of spice, balancing fresh pressed lemon juice, citrus peels, natural sugars, and a blend of Oriental spice. Wander through Asia with lemon grass, pandan, lime leaves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a hint of spicy chili. Finished with a pinch of salt and natural vinegar. And the best part? It's super easy to make!


Ice cubes
Sparkling water
Pinkyrose Dark Caramel Vanilla
Mint leaves for garnish


STEP 1:  Ice It Up

Fill a tall glass with a generous amount of ice cubes.

STEP 2: Sparkling Base
Fill two tall glasses with a handful of crushed ice and divide the lime juice evenly between them.
STEP 3:  Pinkyrose Magic

Add Pinkyrose syrup to the mix, using 1 part of syrup for every 6 parts of sparkling water.

STEP 4: Stir and Merge

Give the mixture a gentle stir to harmonize the flavors.

STEP 5: Green Final Touch

Finish your masterpiece by garnishing the glass with fresh mint leaves.


Enjoy your Pinkyrose Dark Caramel Vanilla Sparkler. 

One can of 500 ml contains 20 serves (25 ml per serve). Mix 1 part Pinkyrose syrup with 6 parts sparkling water for a thirst-quenching and irresistible sparking handmade lemonade! 


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